Acoustical Consultants

We are Consultants in Acoustics, Electro Acoustics, Audio Visual, Noise Control and NVH facilities.We are one of nation’s independent Acoustical consulting firms.

We provide acoustical consultancy services to Architects, Engineers, Building Owners and Industrialists. We strive to redefine the business of Acoustics, Electro Acoustics, Audio-Visual, Noise Control and NVH facilities.

We have highly skilled innovative team of well experienced and creative professionals, who have worked for various projects of Cinemas and Multiplex, Theatres & multipurpose halls, Hotels & Commercial Building, Civic Centre & Performing Arts Complex, Studios & Recording facilities, Classrooms, Conference rooms & Seminar Halls, Corporate Offices, Laboratories, Residential projects, Stadiums, Worship Centers, Metro Rail, Noise Control projects, Power Plant, Shop Floor, Test Cells, etc.

We provide state of the art acoustical consultancy services within cost effective budgets to our clients.Whether your project is a new build or refurbishment, we can provide clear and complete acoustic design advices.

Involvement at the design stage means we can influence architectural and building services acoustics, eliminating the need for costly fixes later. We can also ensure that our recommendations are in harmony with the aesthetic, mechanical and structural requirements.

Services we offer:-
Acoustics – Architectural Acoustics, Sound Isolation, Acoustical Privacy, Echo Control

AUDIO VISUAL, ELECTRO ACOUSTICS – Audio Visual Facilities, Sound Reinforcement System, Digital & Film Projection, Stage Facilities, Video Systems, Background Music System, PA System, Conference System, Digital Signage System

NOISE CONTROL – • Building Noise Control (inside and outside noise), Industrial Noise Control as per CPCB & ISO 14001 norms, Construction Site Noise Control, Mining Noise Control, Railway / Road Noise Control, Aircraft Noise Control, Transformer Noise Control, Noise Mapping / Survey: Day and Night, Noise mitigation.

NVH – Anechoic Chamber, Semi-Anechoic Chamber, Anechoic Chamber for Speaker Testing, Reverberation room, Online Noise Test Booth, Noise Test Booth for R&D Lab, Structural borne NVH, NVH Design as per ISO- 3745, Customized ChamberDesigns for Automobile& Home appliances