Acoustic Enclosure for Blower, Sound Proof Enclosures

Acoustic Enclosure\Sound Proof Enclosure- Ecotone Systems is the leading designer and manufactures of Acoustic Enclosures in India. Our Acoustic Enclosure are customize according to site requienmnent and perform according to CPCB and ISO 1401 norms for noise pollution. We also provide and supply super silent Acoustic Enclosure and control noise level upto 55 dB(A).

We are India's leading and reliable manufacturer of noise control products namely acoustic enclosure, noise barrier, acoustic hanging baffles, acoustic hood. We also design and manufacture Noise Test Chamber, NVH Booth, Anechoic Chamber manufacturers for automobile and home appliances testing, etc. in India.Our acoustic enclosure manufacturers in India come with advanced technology by which various types of challenges in terms of noise can be dealt with professionally.

Ecotone Systems offers a wide range of products that can also be customized to the customer's preference. Our technical team is an expert to resolve your issue and provide the best solution.

We design and manufacture Acoustic Enclosures\Noise Enclosures for various noise generating machines as:
1. Air Compressor and Air Blower Acoustic Enclosure
2. Ball Mill Acoustic Enclosure
3. DG sets and Turbine Acoustic Enclosure
4. Grinding machine Noise Enclosure
5. Power and Fin Press Acoustic Enclosure
6. Punch Press Noise Enclosure
7. Sound Proof Operator Cabin
8. Sheet Cutting and Punching Machine Acoustic Enclosure
9. Engine and Dyno Test Room Acoustic Treatment
10. Noise Enclosure for Wind Turbine Testing
11. Wheel Rim Hydraulic Testing Macbine Acoustic Enclosure
12. Machine Noise Control Sound Barrier
13. Wire Winding Machine Acoustic Enclosure
14. Anechoic Chamber
15. Semi/Hemi Anechoic Chamber conferming to ISO 3744 & 3745
16. Noise Test Booth for Conveyor Line and for  R&D Test Lab
17. Noise Barrier to control Noise in Industrial Plant
18. Industrial Silencer, Acoustic Louvers. sound Attenuators 

Our Acoustic Enclosures are properly designed, modular in construction, fitted with air ventillation system, electrical lightings, soundproof vision panles, cutouts openings for cabeling, ducting, material entry\exit etc.
NOTE: The Acoustic Enclosure can be customize and fabricate according to client's design, drawing and site requirement.
Acoustic Enclosures are the best and specially designed solutions to control noise by muffling the high noise from DG sets and other large equipments.Acoustic enclosures are the most important structures used to prevent the radiation of noise from source to an outside area.Ecotone Acoustics being the top noise enclosure manufacturer provides complete acoustic solutions even for the most demanding applications.


  •  We offer customized solutions in accordance with the ISO 14001 & CPCB norms of the noise pollution.
  •  Acoustic Enclosure panel having 50 STC Value tested as per IS-9901(Part III) – 1981, DIN 52210 part IV – 1984, ISO : 140 ( Part III) – 1995.
  •  The Acoustic panels made up of CRCA / GI sheets of desired thickness.
  •  Auto CAD facilities will include all kind of piece marked assembly along with the drawings
  •  The final finish will be of Powder Coating / Epoxy Paint in desired color shades.
  •  Electrical wiring, switch board & light to maintain 500 LUX inside the enclosure.
  •  Air Ventilation System for Fresh air inlet and hot air exhaust.
  •  Sound Proof Glass Vision panel to see through.