Acoustic Metal Panels ( Orephonic™ Panels )

Ecotone Metal Acoustic Panel is a modular wall unit consisting of a metal or aluminum frame surrounding a perforated metal skin, with encapsulated acoustical sound absorber. The perforated metal allows sound waves to enter the absorbing material where a portion is transformed from sound energy to heat. Ecotone Metal Wall Panels are used primarily as a sound absorber in potentially noisy environments such as gymnasiums, swimming pools, pump rooms, and industrial fabrication work areas.

  •  Elegant aesthetic
  •  Variety of sizes and colours
  •  Reduce reverberation and echo
  •  Impact Resistance
  •  Improves speech intelligibility
  •  Sizes:
  •  Width: 300 mm , 600mm  & 750mm  (Custom widths up to 750 max)
  •  Height:  300mm up to 2400 mm
  •  Thickness: 50mm  & 100mm  (nominal)
  •  Construction: 22 Gauge perforated galvanized steel with acoustic fiberglass fill encapsulated in black heat sealed polywrap
  •  Pattern: Flat or V-Groove
  •  Finish: Selection of RAL powder coated colors
  •  Intended Use: Sound absorption for interior spaces
  •  Fire Rating: Class A per ASTM E84
  •  Mounting Options: Flush or Stand-off. Various configurations available.
  •  NRC: up to 1.00