Acoustic PU Foams Panels

Made out of Acoustic PU Foam High Quality, High Density, Fire Retardant, Flexible Open Cell Foam
 Availability: Available in any required size, thickness, Grey color, shape, Fabric lamination as per specific project requirements.
 Shapes: Wedges, Pyramid, Sonex, Cylindrical, Waves, Sheets in any required size.
 Finish: Raw Foam , Fabric Fabricated, Water replicate coatings, Self Adhesive Backing
 Size : Sheets - 600x600 , 600 x 1200 , 1000 x 2000mm, Wedge / Pyramid up to 1000 mm Height
 Applications: For Wall and Ceiling Acoustic treatment in Auditorium, Theaters, Conference Room, Banquet Hall , Library, Worship Places, Recording Rooms etc.
 NRC Value: Up to 1 NRC
 Installation: Can be easily installed through pasting to desire surface.

1 Class ‘A’ Fire Resistance 7 Durable
2 NRC up to 0.95 8 Light Weight
3 Humidity Resistant 9 Sag Resistant
4 Termite Resistance 10 Easy Installation
5 Fungi Resistance 11 Quality Raw Material
6 Various Density Options 12 Various Shades available