Anechoic Chamber,RF shielded room

Ecotone Systems provide Anechoic Chambers, NVH Test Chamber designed according to ISO 3744, ISO 3745 specifications. Our Anechoic Test Chamber / NVH Test chamber / Quite Room are useful in Automobile Industries & Home Appliances Segment to conduct various tests related to Noise and Vibrations. At Ecotone Systems, we provide great services right from designing, fabricating and installation of an Anechoic Chamber, Semi / Hemi Anechoic Chamber by our Expert team.

Anechoic chamber/NVH Test Chamber is a room that has been designed in a manner that it has no reverberation and hence no echo. Any sound emitted in the anechoic chamber is totally absorbed by the panels. The Anechoic chamber is a special place with walls, ceiling and flooring that absorb any kind sound and electromagnetic waves. The chamber is totally insulated not allowing the penetration of noise from any external sources. The reverberation time is very low for various audio frequencies in the Anechoic Chamber.

Our NVH test chamber designed according to ISO 3744, ISO 3745 specifications. Our anechoic chamber is useful in the automobile industries and home appliances segment to handle various practices related to Noise and Vibrations.At Ecotone Systems, we provide excellent solutions. our expert team design and manufacture the anechoic chamber according to the requirements. The installation is also done by expert team of Ecotone System installation of an anechoic chamber, a semi-anechoic chamber.

ANECHOIC Chamber Design

ECOTONE Anechoic chambers are built with noise attracting the modular panels' outer structures, and all interior surfaces are lined with PU wedges foam or metallic wedge or plane absorbing surfaces. The fully anechoic chamber has floors built with grating to support heavy test specimens above the floor wedge. It is used to suppress internal sound reflections and for acoustic measurements. An anechoic chamber's effectiveness is measured in dB of rejection, which is the ratio of direct sound to reflected sound inside the room. Our designed anechoic chambers provide performance up to 15 dB (A). The 80 Hz cutoff frequency or performance can be designed according to the customer's requirement to coincide with the desired performance.

Services We offer:

  • 1. Survey and Engineering
  • 2. Consultancy and Projet Management
  • 3. Design and Development
  • 4. Turnkey Supply Solution
  • 5. Site Installations
  • 6. Commissioning and Testing of chamber
  • 7. Instrument Suggestion : dB Meter, FFT Analyzer, Microphone etc..
  • 8. After Sales Services : AMC.

Kinds of Anechoic Chamber We are providing

  • 1. Fully Anechoic Chamber
  • 2. Semi Anechoic Chamber
  • 3. Hemi Anechoic Chamber
  • 4. Noise Test Booth
  • 5. NVH Test Chambers
  • 6. Assembly Line Noise Test Chamber
  • 7. Quiet Room
  • 8. Engine Test Cell Acoustic
  • 9. Anechoic Chamber
  • 10. Mini Anechoic Chamber
  • 11. Portable Anechoic Chamber
  • 12. Reverberation Room

Anechoic / NVH Test Chamber provided to:

  • 1. Honda Car Ltd. : Tapukara, Rajasthan
  • 2. Hyundai Mobis : Chennai
  • 3. Bosch : Pune, MS
  • 4. LG : Noida and Pune
  • 5. Nokia : Chennai and Bangalore
  • 6. Rane NSK : Rajasthan
  • 7. Daikin : Neemrana, Rajasthan
  • 8. Hero : Gujrat
  • 9. Maruti Suzuki : Manesar, HR
  • 10. Mando : Chennai
  • and many more...


  •  Comprehensive Service with Turnkey Solutions
  •  Feasibility Check with proper construction measurements and commissioning.
  •  Better Acoustic Performance for each and every Anechoic Chamber with guarantee.
  •  Good expertise in acoustic with the knowledge of civil, architectural, electrical and instrumentation.
  •  Proper usage of the anechoic wedges.
  •  Wedges- Mettalic or PU Form wedges
  •  Performance standard code- ISO 3744 & 3745
  •  Background noise level- Upto 15 dB(A).
  •  Free feild condition / measuring range cut-off frequency: upto 80 Hz.
  •  ISO certified quality control with ISO 9001-2015.
  •  Good Quality Materials with Reliable Technology.