Ecotone Systems – Leading Manufacturers of Blast Resistant Doors, Explosion Resistant Steel Fire Door and Bullet Proof Doors.
Blast resistant doors are useful to ensure safety in buildings situated in hazardous or in potentially explosive environments.These doors are manufactured from high garde steel sheets, constructed as a composite panel consisting of solid steel faces with heavy duty reinforcement stiffeners as core and inside the door panel.The door plate/frame assembly has an optimized pattern to transfer the blast forces into the surrounding walls. The blast doors are provided with suitable single/multiple EPDM gaskets for air tightness as per specifications. Ecotone blast resistant door hardware has been specifically designed and tested according to desired performance. All the doors are painted with high quality anti corrosive coating and paints, in a wide range of RAL colors, to enhance the performance and aesthetic appearance.

Applications : Blast resistant doors are most suitable for highly sensitive area / industrial buildings like boiler rooms, refineries, petrochemical, research and development facilities, chemical or hazardous material storage rooms and nuclear power stations. Blast doors have specified applications in military applications as in arms and ammunition depots, missile tests centres and engine test cells.

Features :
  • • Full design and engineering capability to manufacture blast resistant doors to meet desired specifications and safety standards
  • • Testing and design of blast resistant doors that comply with latest test standards
  • • The fire rating performance of door will be up to 180 minutes, conferming to IS : 3614 (Pt-II) and BS: 476(Pt- 20 & 22).
  • • Blast resistant doors are available in various thicknesses and ratings from 10 PSF to 50 PSI, depending upon specific project requirenment.
  • • All size of doors will be designed and customized according to project requirenmnet to accept readily available, heavy duty blast rated hardware

    • Pressure load Door/ frame : The doors withstand specified explosive pressure loads as measured in pounds per square inch (PSI), Bar or Kilopascalas.per ASTM E-330. Ecotone shall submit independent calculations data indicating compliance with the explosive pressure load, specified by the project architect or engineer

      Product Range----------------------Blast Pressure Rating
      • • Low range units -------------------- 15 PSF to 2 PSI
      • • Mid range units -------------------- 3 PSI to 8 PSI
      • • High range units --------------------9 PSI to 50 PS

      Product Range
      • • Blast Resistant Steel Doors
      • • Fire Rated Doors
      • • Bullet Resistant Doors
      • • Acoustic Doors
      • • Sliding Doors
      • • Overhead Sectional Doors
      • • Hangar Doors

      The sizes of the door can be as per requirement and the same can be either manually or automatically operated with the help of Pneumatic/ Hydraulic/ Electric mechanisms.