ECOTONE DATSpray™ ( Acoustic Applied Finishes)

Ecotone Dat Spray offer maximum sound transmission control and absorption, Thermal Insulation and Moisture Control. Suitable for all surfaces, both ceiling and walls.

 Thickness Options:3 mm to 10 mm
 Colors: Wide Range of Options
 Point of Application: Ecotone Dat Spray can be used practically anywhere, for example in new and old buildings and horizontal and vertical surfaces consisting of profiled roof panels, concrete and plasterboard. Our acoustic solutions provide limited freedom of design combined with good speech intelligibility, high concentration levels, privacy and thus a high level of comfort.

1 Fast Processing 5 Durable
2 Wide Color Range 6 Reduce Reverberation
3 Suitable for all non-working flat surfaces 7 Save Energy
4 Offer High Level of Comfort 8 Fire Resistance