With the increasing use of heavy equipment like Diesel Generators, turbines, transformers, gas compression sets and others, there is a huge rise in noise levels with them. Most of this equipment operate at very high noise levels that are not just annoying for ears but they can also damage our nerves. How to deal with such huge noise levels and how to ensure safety of people working around these and in the vicinity?

Acoustic Enclosures – The Best Solutions

Acoustic generators are basically acoustic chambers which control or minimize noise that comes out of heavy equipment. These are designed well to muffle the noise to bearable decibel levels. For Soundproof acoustic enclosures, the acoustic material performs certain functions of sound absorption and insulation.


  •  We offer customized solutions in accordance with the ISO 14001 & CPCB norms of the noise pollution.
  •  The Acoustic panels come with the feature of 16-gauge CRCA / GI perforated sheet.
  •  Auto CAD facilities will include all kind of piece marked assembly along with the drawings
  •  Two coat primer & automotive paint in desired shade
  •  Electrical wiring, switch board & light to maintain 300 LUX inside the enclosure
  •  Air Ventilation System for Fresh air inlet and hot air exhaust.
  •  Sound Proof Glass Vision panel to see through


Ecotone Systems is one of the leading and faster growing room acoustic treatment service providers that ensure you with the complete amount of integrated platform that will combat the problem of noise pollution and ensure you with the best in class treatment. Through the help of our Room Acoustic Treatments, the noise is controlled in a manner such that the acoustic lining on the walls as well as the ceiling over the walls are fully laminated with the perforated sheet and have the good aesthetic look that will ensure the pre-coated clip in mode. We work towards the conversion of the ordinary doors as well as shutters into a more profound sound proof doors.

Features and Specifications of Room Acoustic Treatment

  •  T24 Swg GI Channel Grid on wall and ceiling, Grid size will be 600mm x 900mm.
  •  GI Grid filled with Acoustic Insulation material of Tissue Fiber paper Laminated Rockwool Confirming to IS 8183.
  •  Finally, Acoustic Insulation Covered with GI / Aluminum Perforated Sheet
  •  Silent Air Ventilation with complete functionality
  •  Acoustic Door up to 40 – 50 STC Value
  •  Sound Proof Glass Window
  •  Compatible for DG Room Acoustic, Compressor Room, Engine Test Cell etc.


Acoustic Attenuators are designed to prevent noise breakout from an air inlet or outlet of a plant room, building or enclosure etc. while allowing ventilation air transfer. They have varying acoustic performance depending on the type of aerodynamically designed blades and the depth. Available in MS, aluminum and GI metals. ECOTONE acoustic attenuators are us full to reduce noise generated by air or gas flow with keeping the pressure drop as low as possible without compromising the air or gas flow itself, acoustic attenuators or silencers are commonly used in , industrial, power plants , steel plants or mixed applications.

  •  Easy to install
  •  Durable finish standards
  •  Excellent strength
  •  High Acoustic performance
  •  Customized design


An acoustic door is a solid, heavily framed door which most often includes seals around its edges and has insulated construction to reduce noise and vibrations from passing through its surface. Depending on the application and the design, an acoustic door may have a special sound transmission rating or STC, which constitutes the value of the unit. There are many types and grades of acoustic door available for assorted applications and industries.

In the audio recording industry, the acoustic door serves a special purpose since unwanted noise needs to be avoided in a successful recording session. In a recording studio you may have several rooms or booths that are designed for specific tasks. The studio control room has an acoustic door so the engineer and producer can be isolated from the additional rooms and parts of the studio while allowing these individuals to travel between locations. Sometimes these doors will be transparent containing multi-pane glass panels in the center so that individuals on each side can see each other easily.

Sometimes an acoustic door is solid steel or wood with an insulated core to achieve maximum quiet when transparency is not necessary. A door of this style is quite often used in an examination room at a doctor’s office where a conversation between the doctor and patient requires total privacy.


Acoustic baffles are free hanging sound absorption products that are often used to acoustically treat large rooms such as gymnasiums and lobbies. By hanging from the ceiling, baffles reside in space where sound tends to get “stuck”. This is because there isn’t anything up that high to absorb or diffuse the sound waves. Sound reflects off of hard surfaces (walls, ceilings, floors) in rooms and continues to echo or reverberate often for long periods of time.

Acoustic wall panels are a great choice when trying to combat the problems described above (echo and reverberation). They absorb direct sound and, if placed correctly, sound that has bounced off other surfaces (walls, ceiling, floor). This absorption greatly reduces reverberation and echo within rooms, which increases speech intelligibility and communication in general.

Generally, use acoustic baffles when wall space is limited or when the room is very large. Just like wall panels, they absorb both direct and reverberant sound.

In order to combat the problem of noise we have some of the powerful sound barriers that will work towards reducing the sound that deflects the community from consuming or absorbing the sound waves. To avoid any amount of reflection or the absorption what is required is the fact that a sound barrier made up of good quality materials should be used so that there won’t be any amount of blockage.

Features of our Noise and Sound Barriers

  •  Each of our Noise and Industrial Sound Barriers that are made up of polycarbonate sheet offer you with the highest amount of transmission of light in order to act as an energy saver.
  •  The Polycarbonate sheet offers great amount of strength and safety in order to safeguard you with the full amount of impact.
  •  With the low handling amount of loss and resistant break coming with the fresh amount of installation charges makes the sheets highly economical and fully balanced.
  •  With coming of the feature of the ultraviolet protection it comes with the prevention of transmitting the harmful radiation to make you get the superb amount of achievement in the most dignified manner.