Melamine Foam Acoustic Panels

Ecotone melamine foam acoustic panels are a kind of superior-quality sound absorber. With high soundproofing performance, our melamine acoustic foam is class A flame retardant. Thus, Ecotone melamine foam acoustic panels is suitable for the gathering places where noise and fire management are concerned. Ecotone provides melamine foam acoustic panels with open cell structures. This characteristics make our melamine acoustic panels have high performance of absorbing sound wave.

 Ecotone melamine foam acoustic panels can absorb the sound waves within the frequency range from 20Hz to 200Hz Sound.

 Muffling coefficient: NRC=0.95 based on the standard of ISO 354:2003.

 Melamine foam sound absorption performance is much higher than other traditional materials. The muffling coefficient NRC=0.95, the ordinary sponge muffling coefficient NRC is 0.8 around. So Ecotone melamine foam is more than most traditional soudproof materials.

 Melamine Foam Acoustic panel mainly used in the absorption of low frequency noise, high frenquency noise and medium-high frequency sound.

 Ecotone Melamine Foam Acoustic Panel can effectively absorb the Low frequency noise of Compressor, exhaust fan, blower, cooling towers, engine, water pump, conveyor belt, boiler, air conditioning, transformers, helicopters, washing machine, refrigerator, automobile, railway bridge, tunnel, eruptions, earthquakes, thunder, wind, etc.

 So sound absorption melamine sponge is mainly used at studio, KTV, swimming pools, restaurants, gym, architecture, conference rooms, halls, swimming pools, art centers, theaters, etc.