Temporary Noise Barriers

Temporary Noise Barrier/ Construction Site Noise Barrier

Temporary Noise Barriers also known as Exterior Noise Barrier/Sound Absorber Composite are mainly used in the construction site, provide an economical method of soundproofing of construction site noise control provide maximum noise reduction by incorporating sound barrier and noise absorption properties in the one curtain help to prevent noise propagation to the neighborhood, avoids complaints from nearby resident and reduce the work area noise.

Soundproofing your construction site allows workers and contractors to work for extended periods, high quality and stability and the performance will not degrade because of the changes in the rain or the sun. It’s perfect for your construction site noise control./font>

The Noise Barrier Panels have Grommets that make the portable acoustic panels easy to hang on MS pipe structure / fancing that makes it  portable sound panels to cover construction site and easy to shift along with construction equipments .

technical specification
Finish Material PVC & Waterproof fabric
Inner Material Sound Absorption + Dampening Material
Size 1200 x 2400 mm or customized
Weight 5-7kg/Sqm
Thickness 18mm to 35mm
STC Value 27-30dB
NRC Value 0.50
Color Green, Grey, Black, Blue, etc.