Wood Fiber Ceiling Acoustic Tiles

 Characteristics - Consistent Finish, Clean Corners, Square / Rectangular Panels, Low VOC, Fabric Wrapped OR Paintable, Sound Absorptive
 Colors: - Natural, 50 Colour in Fabric Wrapped and 60 Colors in Painted
 Certification: - Class A Fire Rated (Per ASTM E-84), NRC IS: 8225 / ISO: 354 / ASTM 423C
 Thickness: - 15mm ceiling Acoustic Tiles
 Sizes: - 600 x 1200mm & 600 x 600mm
 Applications: - Restaurants and bars, Sports and entertainment venues,Convention centers,Houses of worship,Shooting ranges,Manufacturing and industrial facilities, Parking garages, Airports, Schools and Civic centers, Gymnasiums, Classrooms, Auditoriums, Music practice, Band rooms
 Installation Options: - Direct attach to Ceiling or on hanging Grid